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Brandon Clarke: Uncover

Brandon Clarke is an abstract artist whose art aims to spark awareness in his viewers in order to encounter a fundamental question: “Who are you, really?” As a second-generation artist, Clarke inherited his artistic abilities from his grandmother. His introduction to the art world was discovered in the back of his grandmother’s house where he used to paint with her as a child. Clarke’s art explores all the dimensions of the traditional canvas structure itself, with the intent to expose many hidden messages. In addition, the artist’s technique and material choices literally and metaphorically encourage the viewer to seek authenticity – a message that is a key theme in the artwork. 

Clarke currently lives and works in Miami, Florida. His artistic background and his grandmothers’ painters’-hand have led him to receive the 2021 Best New Exhibitor award given from the Spectrum Miami show during Miami Art Week, a feature in several publications including Artist Talk Magazine and Miami Living Magazine, and show artwork in several exhibitions in South Florida. In addition, Clarke was chosen to be an exhibiting artist for Point Comfort’s Art Fair, and served as a guest panelist for the galleries subject of, ”Images of Social Justice” during Art Week Miami. Clarke’s work can be found in private collections across the United States and internationally.

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